Saturday, October 04, 2003

The Ivory Fish 

At the edge of the sea there’s a bar,
at the end of the bar sits a fish.
If you ask him his name, he’ll reply
Je suis le Poisson d’Ivoire.

As he sits with his drink close to hand
and the smoke from his pipe curling out,
he’ll be heard, through the murmuring crowd,
to sing a sad little song:

Je suis le Poisson d’Ivoire,
le père de ceux-ci tous poisson,
mais le crochet a ma femme
et maintenant mon amour est servi
avec un plat de côté de pommes-frites.

He has wisdom to share from the deep
and a lifetime of current to trace
but when asked for a tip, he’ll reply
Je suis le Poisson d’Ivoire.

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