Friday, December 30, 2005

KK redux 

OK, maybe it's unfair to Jackson to complain about the girl's dress. After all, this is an action-adventure movie, and heroines throughout history have been scantily clad with complete disregard for the elements. It's obvious that Jackson's doing a tribute to the whole genre of action movies and so is including elements of those movie's style to make the necessary obsequence to them - hence the biplanes that move as if they're on strings and the dramatic slo-mo shots. It's all of a style.

If that's the supposition, then I am left with the feeling that Jackson's done nothing new with this picture and thus the film is worth nothing more than as derivative camp entertainment, slicked up with overblown CGI. Which is really too bad, because he had a chance to make something really great - and removing some of the glaringly obvious 'bad movieisms' would have been a good start. If he could have made it so that the reality really was self-consistent, without the glaringly obvious physical inconsistencies ... now that would have been something.

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