Saturday, December 17, 2005

Piss Poor Interviewing Technique 

Now here is an example of a really bad interview.

Why is it so bad?

The interviewer is talking to what could potentially be a guy with something interesting to say. However, the interviewer injects her own opinions into the interview, making it more about her and her beliefs than about the guy and his book.

I was left with a couple of strong impressions:
first, that I hadn't learned much of anything about the guy's book or his ideas, and second, that if the interviewer had been insulting enough to say to me "You strike me as deeply unanalyzed. Have you ever considered seeing a psychiatrist?" I might have been tempted to come back with "You strike me as deeply uneducated. Have you ever considered working in a field where the stupidity of your opinions is less widely observable?"

Getting beyond all that ... you've got to have respect for a guy who's willing to call ethical monotheism the single worst idea in history.

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