Sunday, December 18, 2005

Softy gets it ... 

I caught this chick lurking around and followed her home. The blog is in portugese, so it's tough, but she has the eye. The art and photos she's got posted are definitely worth the visit. The blog, on the other hand ... well, here's a sample:


Now that I think of that, I perceive that the only times that gave up of something was by tiredness. What tires me manual patience games saints, in that is tried, by example, a cubo by a small opening too in form of circle. For beyond that, tire me the persons that believe piously that the life already taught them everything what could learn how. And that are going to see the world with another look. They tire me the persons that are "like this" and like to be "like this" and that affirm that niguém can change them. But that in the bottom know that is not good be itself "like this". And that end up the entire life live "like this" because are not going to learn how to be "roasted". They tire me the adverse, instead of persons to the changes, impenetrable. Removing everything this, I judge that little thing tires me. Of the same form that do not I recollect myself of to have given up of something that not of flat jigsaw puzzles and persons made of pré-concepts about him be "like this".

posted by Softy Susana @ 22:06

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