Saturday, December 17, 2005

Piss Poor Interviewing Technique 

Now here is an example of a really bad interview.

Why is it so bad?

The interviewer is talking to what could potentially be a guy with something interesting to say. However, the interviewer injects her own opinions into the interview, making it more about her and her beliefs than about the guy and his book.

I was left with a couple of strong impressions:
first, that I hadn't learned much of anything about the guy's book or his ideas, and second, that if the interviewer had been insulting enough to say to me "You strike me as deeply unanalyzed. Have you ever considered seeing a psychiatrist?" I might have been tempted to come back with "You strike me as deeply uneducated. Have you ever considered working in a field where the stupidity of your opinions is less widely observable?"

Getting beyond all that ... you've got to have respect for a guy who's willing to call ethical monotheism the single worst idea in history.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Art Link 

As I was sliding around the works, I found Ronnie Del Carmen's blog. He's also got a nice house with a gallery. Ronnie is an animator for Pixar and I actually found his blog after stumbling in through a small ring of other animators... lots of great work tucked into small nodes.

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I had to rework the gallery page - the frames thing was just too annoying. Simple thumbnail gallery.

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Monday, December 12, 2005

New Sketch Gallery 

As I mentioned over at Capriole yesterday, I haven't written much poetry lately. These days I seem to be back in graphic mode. I even went out and bought a new sketch book and swiped a bunch of pencils from work. I put together a gallery of what I think is worth looking at over here.

Comments welcome and yes, I'm aware most of the women look like men.

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Self Portrait in a Broken Mirror with Still Life After Kees Van Dongen 

View web or full size. The original scan is 7MB, no way I'm hosting that.

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Happy Sunday! 

Ah, Sundays. There's nothing quite like sitting around all morning in your bathrobe, drinking strong coffee until colored sentences cascade behind your eyes and your hands start to shake. Surfing the internet at the same time adds a surreal dimension to the experience. So does a failure to take your meds. Or in my case, doubling my prescription on an empty stomach.

It is Sunday, so there's a new Zirealism on thingsihate.org and I've just discovered a treasure trove of Funny Pages in the New York Times Sunday Magazine (registration required, but worth every penny (it's free.)) They've got an Elmore Leonard serialization and an animated strip told from the POV of an apartment building. Good stuff.

Oh, and let's pause for a moment to salute the king of scat comedy, Richard Pryor, who died yesterday at the age of 65. Here's to ya Rich, you spastic bastard.

go jojo

go jojo

go jojo


OK, now that we have that out of the way, on to the important stuff. I've started a new blog. I know, I know, hardly makes sense to start a new blog when I just revived this one after a two year hiatus, but when inspiration smacks you in the side of the head with a 2X4 ...

The new blog is my attempt to get this novel I have rattling around in my head out into the light of a monitor. I've tried several different starts, several angles of attack, but I keep stalling. Mostly because I'm an avoidant procrastinator, but whatever. Inspired by posthumous and his Tales of the Antichrist I've decided to try my own episodic web novel - though I doubt I'll ever get as fancy with the coding as he does. If you enjoy sci-fi and aren't too worried about having your taste for it spoiled, check me out.

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