Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year 

Well, some sort of congratulations are in order, I suppose. We survived another year, even if it was on the Christian calendar.

Yes, we had a good holiday, thanks for asking. Despite the nearly constant rain in northern California, we managed to find a sunny day to watch seals on the sandbar of the Russian river. We also managed to avoid the rain in LA. For anyone visitong the greater LA area, I highly recomend the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific. They have a fantastic diverstiy of aquatic wildlife, from sea otters to black tipped reef-sharks, a shark petting tank and some truly huge grouper and sea bass. The jelly fish and corals were beautiful. The place is laid out well and covering all the exhibits without missing anything is easy, despite the array of regional presentations. Rather than one big tank, they have tunnels that wander back and forth under tanks, around tanks, into caverns of tanks ... it makes it feel like you're out on a stroll through the ocean.

We flew home on New year's eve, arriving at a friend's party just in time to tip glasses and tootle horns. The next day we slept in very late, cool jet-lagged jet-setters sleeping through New Year's Day. We arrived home at last on Sunday night, pleased that, once again, the house had not burned down or been broken into and that we had avoided another flood.

Today I found out that my Great Aunt Jhonia died on Sunday morning.

She was quite old, on a pacemaker, and had been in the hospital recovering from another heart attack. After three weeks in a nursing home, she returned to her house and was there for less than a day when she passed away. She survivied 2005 but couldn't quite make it into 2006.

At least she made it home.

Happy New Year.

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