Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed 

Why? Because when you put "cartoon mohammed" into the search engines, you will find too many pictures of angry people burning things and not enough cartoons. You can't even find decent copies of the Dutch ones tha started all the controversy in any decent resolution. If anyone has them can you send them to me, please?

So, anyway, I couldn't find any good ones, you know, the blasphemous kind, so I figured I do a couple myself. Like any ignorant westerner, my first effort looked like this:

ha, ha very funny right?

uh oh, I'm gonna get it now. Better call the rats for backup.


But then I figured if I'm gonna burn, I might as well have some fun before I die.

This is freedom of expression, people, freedom of speech. This is a human right that shouldn't be denied to anyone on the planet, for any reason.

So that's it, let the fatwas be written. Let them cite passages from the Koran in favor of Wyatt's execution. Let them throw their rocks and burn flags. Let them shout. The joke is on them - their hatred makes me want to draw more cartoons.

draw on my good friend... draw on
Will do ... thanks for dropping by and expressing your support. It's reassuring to know that, so far, there are more supporters than haters out there - so far the score is 3 to 1 in our favor.
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