Sunday, February 26, 2006

Mechanics & Poetry 

Well, big changes going on behind the scenes here - I'm scurrying around, setting up a server so I can host my own files - which will dramatically increase the amount of data I can share here. All these pictures are soaking up my ISP freespace pretty quick. There shouldn't be any difference in service to those of you who read regularly (Houston clan - I seeeee you lurking ;)) except that the content shall grow ever more volumous.

Speaking of content: I now have a (nearly) complete catalog of my poetry available online. Hit the index from the link on the sidebar, or CLICK HERE.

Something else you may notice: Why Not now has its own domain: whyCOM.NET Should you care? Probably not, except to disdain the proliferation of useless domains like this one. But I'm grateful for the reduced text in my links. They're now shorter than if I'd tinyurl'd them!

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