Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Ongoing Controversy 

Well, I found a link to the original cartoons. Apparently, quite a few of us want to find them and reproduce them as a sort of blog-bomb. As file space is getting scarce, I'll settle for a link:


I guess that would be a good place to use a TinyURL, butscrewit.

So, apparently, no one is coming to hack down my blog and my ISP could care less. I did have a moment on a bbs I post to but I won't get into that, mainly 'cause promised I wouldn't.

There are also some people running a Mohammed cartoon contest, so I went over and submitted to them. Seems like this is a popular cause with netizens - probably because it's such an easy button to push.

But let's not let that stop us from pushing it, eh?

The pictures were ridiculous.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean insulting someone's religion.

The prophet peace be upon him is dear to us. And as Muslims, we aren't allowed to meant to draw pictures of other prophets e.g. Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and we are not allowed to disrespect other religions.
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