Thursday, March 02, 2006

Rt95S RI to CT, Driving Snow 

I just witnessed four accident scenes on Route 95S in the space of fifty miles. All were 4 wheel drive vehicles in single-car accidents, sliding crashes into trees, concrete medians and guardrails. One accident scene was in the bend at the Mystic onramp - the woman had spun out and crashed her Jimmy head-on into the guardrail on the inside of the turn, unable to slow down for traffic coming onto the highway as she was passing on the right. A CT state trooper was parked behind the woman to warn oncoming traffic that she was blocking the one lane but he should have been back 500 feet from where he was, because he was invisible from 1500 feet behind the turn. I was in the left lane doing 50 when the eighteen wheeler one car ahead of me began to jack-knife, desperately trying to slow down and get right to avoid plowing right over the state police cruiser. He managed it - barely - by driving the tractor hard right and swinging the trailer back the other way into the right lane. He missed the cruiser by what seemed like just a few feet. As I passed the trooper, I could see him in the car, looking down at his paperwork, no idea how close he'd just come to death. When I passed the trucker a few minutes later on the hill, I gave him a thumbs up. That was the most amazing driving I have ever seen. Wherever you are man, have a safe trip.

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