Friday, February 10, 2006

Post-coital depression 

As always, when I do these things, there comes a time when I regret them. Not so much for the idea but for the fuss, and the fact that I end up having to argue with Tom, who spouts Constitutional law and always misses the point. I guess I can refer back to them now that they created their own sort of fuss about me, instead of simply letting me make the point. Exactly the same sort of over-reaction you might complaining about in the first place, but here's Part 1 and then my rebuttal.

Uh oh - site seems to be down for the moment. Hope it hasn't been crashed by the weight of attention over the controversy. Look out! Is CNN lurking under that jpg???

Uh yeah, right. Anyway, here, go ping them yourself: www.caprioledge.com. Go to the elysium forum, you'll see the threads. I'll put the links in if I ever get around to it.

Anyway, ho hum, another day in the controversial life that is Wyatt on the wonderful world wide web. Here, have another Alvin, it fits the mood:

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Horde Is Inside the Gate 

OK, 1 is not a horde, but believe it or not someone claiming to be a Muslim actually left a comment! See the comment link at the bottom of my previous post.

This Muslim thinks my pictures are ridiculous. Apparently there's something on which we can agree, since I think they're pretty silly, too. What the Muslim doesn't seem to understand is that it is exactly that ridiculousness that makes the Muslim community's response to the Dutch cartoons so asinine. What have their protests achieved? They have only managed to bring advocates of freedom into solidarity and commit them to action. The net result? A proliferation of Mohammed cartoons worldwide, which exacerbates the very disrespect Muslims claim to oppose. I were a Muslim, I would be ashamed of my fellows and their violent reaction to a bunch of silly drawings.

The Muslim goes on to make some other generalizations about Islam and its respect for other religions. It's too bad that these generalizations are true only in theory. In practice, Muslims have repeatedly demonstrated that they have no respect for any other religion. Let's be realists: Islam, as preached in mosques all over Asia and the Middle East, fosters a genocidal hatred towards Jews. This is not the ideology of a few radical extremists hiding in mountains or remote jungles. Imams in Britain, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere have all called for holy war against Jews and Americans. These feelings are widespread and pervasive. Where's the respect?

Turn it around, Muslim: Freedom of Speech is codified as a protected humanitarian right in the US. In telling the world that they cannot draw pictures of Mohammed, Muslims disrespect the ideology of freedom that we in the West cherish by law. Shouldn't we be offended at your imposition? Where's the respect?

The truth is that we've all got to learn to mind our own business. Religion is like sex. Most people do it, but isn't it better that we do it in the privacy of our own homes?

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Ongoing Controversy 

Well, I found a link to the original cartoons. Apparently, quite a few of us want to find them and reproduce them as a sort of blog-bomb. As file space is getting scarce, I'll settle for a link:


I guess that would be a good place to use a TinyURL, butscrewit.

So, apparently, no one is coming to hack down my blog and my ISP could care less. I did have a moment on a bbs I post to but I won't get into that, mainly 'cause promised I wouldn't.

There are also some people running a Mohammed cartoon contest, so I went over and submitted to them. Seems like this is a popular cause with netizens - probably because it's such an easy button to push.

But let's not let that stop us from pushing it, eh?

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Monday, February 06, 2006

Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed 

Why? Because when you put "cartoon mohammed" into the search engines, you will find too many pictures of angry people burning things and not enough cartoons. You can't even find decent copies of the Dutch ones tha started all the controversy in any decent resolution. If anyone has them can you send them to me, please?

So, anyway, I couldn't find any good ones, you know, the blasphemous kind, so I figured I do a couple myself. Like any ignorant westerner, my first effort looked like this:

ha, ha very funny right?

uh oh, I'm gonna get it now. Better call the rats for backup.


But then I figured if I'm gonna burn, I might as well have some fun before I die.

This is freedom of expression, people, freedom of speech. This is a human right that shouldn't be denied to anyone on the planet, for any reason.

So that's it, let the fatwas be written. Let them cite passages from the Koran in favor of Wyatt's execution. Let them throw their rocks and burn flags. Let them shout. The joke is on them - their hatred makes me want to draw more cartoons.

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